Bali cruise

Bali cruise was our highlight during our 5d4n recce in Bali. We were there on June 2015. The weather is so nice, sunny but the wind is cooling as the wind from Aussie (which is in winter) affect the weather there.
We departed from our hotel in Legian, around 0745. We need to be at the jetty around 0830.
After registration (no worries, we can pre-register for group) and took picture infront of the ship, we were warmly greeted by the captain and crew and they assist us in finding our reserved seat. Few minutes after, the ship crew came in and provide us breakfast. We were served with free flow of coffee and tea with few selection of delicious pastries at our table.




The journey took about 1 hour plus but fret not as they provide us entertainment onboard. They have live band playing at the sundeck and they provide kids with coloring books for them to occupy themselves too. Usually you will get seasick if you stay indoor hence they provide seasick pills during registration and you can take it if you are prone to seasick. To avoid seasick, you can choose to stay outside at the open deck. There are 3 areas in the ship and for all the areas, there are covered areas if you dont want to get sunburn.







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After the trip, we went to sunbathing and have our fix of cappucino at the beach. We saw other participants enjoying themselves with unlimited ride of banana boat, kayaking, playing volleyball and also snorkeling there.

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Lunch is served at 12 noon and they served halal food. They do served beer and other alcohol beverages tho but it is under participant own account. There are variety of food to choose ranging from Indo food, satay, spagethi, kuih muih etc. They also provide unlimited coffee, tea and plain water for lunch.

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After lunch, around 1330 they have activities for kids. There are few kids join their treasure hunt and we decided to go for the Semi-Submersible Coral Viewer.

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Around 1500 we went back to the pontoon, and ready to board the cruise to go back to Tanjung Benoa

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