There are two ways to go to Maldives if you are from KL. First is by using Sri Lankan airlines (transit) and MAS (direct flight). You can also use Sri Lankan Airlines for departure & return via MAS (vice versa) but the cost will be higher.


Upon arrival at Ibrahim Nasir Airport, you are require to fill up their Arrival Card then proceed for immigration before taking your luggage and custom clearance. Once you are out from the airport, be ready to enjoy the beautiful Maldives. Just by the jetty you can see the clear blue water, imagine if you are at the resort!


We went to 2 Maldives resorts and also 1 guesthouse.

1) Eve Guesthouse in Hulhumale.

This guesthouse is suitable for a transit place if you are coming via MAS (night flight). You can stay here for 1 night while waiting for the next day (Picture above is the living room. The room there is quite big with bathtub and hot shower too). There is nothing much in Hulhumale as this is where Maldivian lives except few souvenir shop and grocery shop. The beach is better than Port Dickson but a bit dirty with all the cans, bottle etc. We did swim there and got itchy afterwards.

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2) Chaaya Island Dhonveli Beach and Spa, Maldives20150501_122646 (640x480)

After about 30 mins ride from the jetty, you will reach this resort. The resort is nice. We didn’t stay here but we have check all the rooms. The water bungalow is really nice and the other rooms also are quite nice. They serve buffet style during breakfast, lunch & dinner and there are lots of variety. The restaurant do serve food with alcohol and also pork. They have quite a nice landscape and a stretch of beach for you to sunbath, swim and do your water activities. All and all, we recommend this resort for individual but not for big group.

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3) Sun Island Resort & Spa20150503_113554 (640x480)

To get to this island, you will need to take an approximately 20 minutes domestic flight ride (Maarimaya airport to Maagmili), 3 mins bus ride(from the airport to jetty) and also 7 mins boat ride (from Maagmili Jetty) to Sun Island jetty. After that you will need to walk at their long jetty before you get to the lobby area. But all the journey is worth it. The island is so huge and there a lot of activities can be done here. There are daily shark & manta ray feeding at 630pm and you will need to rent a bike to explore the whole island. There are so many beaches where you can snorkel and swim. There are also a lots of other excursion like swim with Whale Shark , Follow the dolphin, Island discovery and many more. We recommend this resort for family, big group and even honeymooners.




*All pictures were shot on Samsung S3 & SJ4000. ‪#‎NoFilter‬

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